Lego Suggestion Tool

Playing Lego, but have no idea what to build? Here's a handy system to give you an idea of what to go for. You can use all or some of the suggestions - they're particularly useful at a party, and especially for a pass-the-model game. In this game, you get your music playing, you set up the theme and restrictions, and you start building. Every time the song changes, pass your model on to the next person and receive a new, part-built model. It's more fun if you don't say what it's supposed to be! Keep going until you get your original model back, and then finish it off.


You can roll a six-sided die to select from this list:

  1. Natural world: outdoor scenes, forests, jungles, plants
  2. Buildings: skyscrapers, roads, sheds, offices, houses
  3. Technology: phones, computers, radios, satellites
  4. Vehicles: cars, carts, planes, balloons, trucks
  5. Creatures: horses, spiders, cats, angels, vampires, unicorns
  6. Concepts: hope, fear, science, persistence, normality, beginning


Depending on who's building and what the pieces are you have available, you might want to cut this down.

  1. SNOT: mostly not the right way up
  2. 45 degrees
  3. 12x12x10
  4. Single-point connections only
  5. Flexible model
  6. Just two colours


Again, if there's something you haven't got many of, just don't have it as a possible selection.

  1. Technic only
  2. Rods and clips only
  3. Plain bricks only
  4. Pieces with curves only
  5. Pieces with hinges only
  6. 2x2x1 and smaller only