One of my Day Zero challenges was to make fresh pasta. My good friend Jez came over and helped me out with this one, she's most awesome.

Ingredients We started off with a combination of 13.5oz rice flour, 2.5oz buckwheat flour and a tablespoon of gluten powder, rather than regular wheat flour, to fit in with my diet strategy. We forgot to add salt at this point, but managed to squeeze some in later. The salt is really important.

Ingredients Into this, we of course added 5 eggs.

Ingredients A quick blend with a little nutmeg and a couple of tablespoons of sunflower oil and we ended up with...

Crumbs ...a bunch of dough crumbs, ready to be kneaded.

Kneading I gave it a good knead to get it into shape. The dough was pretty stiff.

Spinach To give the pasta some colour, we wilted a whole load of spinach and drained it off, then dropped it into the food processor.

Mix This got mixed in with half the dough, but it turned out to be a little moist still (could have done with squeezing out a load more moisture) so we added another sixth of the dough and it was pretty near OK.

Green We ended up adding a little more rice flour to the mix to get it into a nice dough.

Drain We added a tablespoon of water to the uncoloured dough to get it a little more pliable. The whole thing turned into three lumps, and we ended up freezing one of the green ones for later.

Roll In lieu of a fancy pasta roller, we rolled the pasta out pretty thin...

Roll ...and then rolled it up...

Slice ...and then sliced it neatly with a nice sharp knife.

Unroll This unrolled into some lovely fettucine, which we laid out on a baking sheet to dry out a little.

Roll We did the same stuff with the spinach pasta; this was much easier to roll but stuck the first time so we redid it with more flour.

Roll When it got to this point, it was really really thin!

Slice The slices came out really well, but the pasta was still a little sticky and it took some teasing to get it to unroll nicely.

Dry We dried everything out in a warmish oven to make it easier to handle.

Cook Cooking was done in the traditional manner, getting a nice rolling boil and then dropping the pasta in. The thicker uncoloured pasta took a lot longer so we started off with that first, then added the green later.

Serve The whole thing was served up with a lovely mushroom sauce - a whole load of sautéed mushrooms blended with a white sauce with some garlic and crushed chilli. It was most delicious.