I set myself a challenge to visit five towns, chosen kind of randomly. One of them was Stockport, and I've just got back and sorted out the photos.

Library Just to prove that it's Stockport, here's a photo of the public library.

Museum Despite being on the wrong side of the Pennines, Stockport does have an awesome hat museum.

Museum In fact, the museum is so awesome, it has a huge chimney that can be seen from quite a long way away. I did enjoy the hat exhibits.

Viaduct One of the striking things about Stockport is the huge railway viaduct that spans the vale, river and motorway included. It's a pretty neat landmark.

Mersey Said river, the Mersey, can be quite pretty in places. It runs underneath a shopping arcade in the middle of town.

Scenery I'm pretty sure there's the beloved Pennines in the distance there. I guess it doesn't really matter that much if you're looking at them from the wet side, does it?