Lego Challenge: Technic, SNOT

I have a Lego suggestion system that I use when looking for inspiration. As part of the Day Zero challenge, I've decided to try every combination in the system. This page is for suggestions that use only Technic pieces and try hard not to have the studs on top (Studs Not On Top - SNOT).

There are six themes that the system suggests, so that makes six models, one for each theme.


For Nature, I went for something simple, a representation of a snowy mountain. It's pretty abstract, but I was after something quick.



Buildings are pretty easy. I decided to try and use the seat piece as a building front, I think it worked out OK. The mounting on the back was a bit fiddly, and I didn't have room to complete the back of the building using just technic.



I almost didn't have the pieces to do this properly; it goes a bit wayward towards the top but it's pretty solidly built.



Vehicles are what Technic is all about, so this wasn't hard to put together. If I had more time I'd get the proportions better, I suspect. I did pretty well using the regular motorcycle mount in a SNOT manner.




I hit on this idea just while staring at the box of bits, and it kind of grew. I'm pretty good with spiders, but this mode does get to be a bit creepy.




Myths and Beliefs

Just for fun, I tried to do a statue of an angel playing a harp. This was pretty challenging in Technic-only, but I kind of got the gist of it.