2010-10-30 The YLUG Installfest 2010 poster.
2009-12-14 A list of computing projects.
2009-12-14 A list of computing essay topics.
2009-11-09 The fort challenge.
2009-09-06 The fresh pasta challenge.
2009-09-03 I bravely crossed the Pennines and visited Stockport.
2009-09-03 Me, in a tree
2009-09-03 Where I'd never been
2009-09-03 Paper-making adventure
2009-08-26 Six-word stories
2009-08-13 Original Day Zero list
* Current Day Zero list

Lego Challenge

2011-05-05 Lego game chooser application
2009-08-29 The full suggestion list
2009-08-27 Technic pieces, studs not on top

Art Challenge

2009-10-03 The "red" picture
2009-10-03 The "red" picture with explanation
2009-10-03 The "red" picture's materials